missing you.

your words still the toppling universe for a while.

i place my faith in you. i want you to be the surest thing in the world. 

i want to tell you in the middle of crashing cars and summer rain and

shooting stars that you make my world beautiful.


that you always have.


i want to tell you more than anything that 

i miss you. not in the romantic i’d-die-without-you way;

just a simple missing; 


like coming across something i love and wanting to share

it with you, like thinking of you when it’s raining outside so i could

just call you and we’d go nuts in the drizzle. i miss you in a soft

lingering way, in the middle of conversations, the very minute i 

wake up. a simple missing without attachments. 


like missing the sun when all i had all along was a lava lamp.


everything without you is duller, less.

and i wish i could understand why you make me waltz across

rooms, or sing songs off-key, or believe in things like love

and impossible things but you do. 


and i miss that raging untranslatable beauty without you.



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