my goals..:what i want to achieve. a post-birthday list.


to maintain a cheerful countenance when the world is gray

to let go and let the winds of summer enter your heart

to love yourself even amidst the words the world throws at you

to find beauty in people, even those who are unkind to you

to see the good in every situation

and to find happiness in simple things,

to drop all expectations

and live with an unquenchable curosity.


to live with your heart, to respond to every call that excites your spirit,

to believe in foolish things, to listen to instincts and childish urges,

to wait for love rather than settling for a relationship that’s shallow,

to wait for the guy who asks about your day and makes you feel better

than the guy who asks for your number and makes you feel worse about yourself.


to believe even when there is nothing to go on,

to try even when the end is not in sight,

to be kind to yourself,

to love children.


to be enthralled by the secrets of the universe,

to find joy in service for others,

to leave behind hearts full of love and remembrance,

to know you made a difference.


to love, to love, to love

and expect nothing in return.

to love and have the courage to love.





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