i think maybe i want you.

talking to you
feels like coming home.
there is a familiarity in you
that i miss.

and i’d like to walk along dead-end streets
with flickering streetlights and in the midst of
children chasing after the wind, and gather up
the courage to tell you that i think of you
every day

and if you asked what it meant
i’d like to have the courage to tell you that
i don’t know. but sometimes i’d like to take a bus
to somewhere quiet and lie on the grass and stare up at the sky and have imaginary conversations

with you.

i would like to sit with you in cafes and
have our coffee cups go cold while we spend the evening talking about everything. i want
to be drenched in our words, to swim to the
depths of our souls.

i think maybe i want you.


2 thoughts on “i think maybe i want you.

  1. Oh my, “i want us to be drenched in our words…”

    Second poem of yours I am now reading, and enjoying os am going to go follow. I really liked this. I liked the lack of capital letters, making it soft and airless. I liked the concept of words drenching, like memories. I like the gaps you chose between stanzas, i.e the bit about taking a bus ride to somewhere quiet to lay on the grass and have imaginary conversations, and then the gap, then “with you.” I hope that was deliberate, I liked it so much.

    • thank you so much for your beautiful comment!!i am so touched you liked it 🙂 i love your comment..means so much to know that there is someone out there who loved it. oh yes, it was deliberate..i wanted to emphasize the longing for union, those two words just needed their own space. thank you again, for your lovely words..:) <3.

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