i think one of the loveliest things waiting

i think one of the loveliest things waiting for love (real gut-wrenching, soul-altering, let’s-run-off-and-get-married-right-NOW! type of love) is that though you oftentimes do get lonely and find yourself wondering how so easy would it be to strike up a conversation with that guy in the elevator or give your number, it is in that loneliness that you find that you are pretty jolly good company (definitely better than a boring guy..!) and plus, you realise that you don’t give up your principles after all. you learn to trust yourself and the universe- you learn to have faith that you will stumble upon him. you build up patience.

and most of all, you begin to stop chasing after people and build up a beautiful existence, so that when you do find love, you are loved for all of you, your perfections and your flaws and your quirks..<3.



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