at a certain point in your life, you learn to forgive people anyway, even when they don’t realise they hurt you..or even if they don’t apologize. forgiveness blows winds of peace to your heart. it takes away the thoughts you mull over and lessens the heartache. 

‘love is never a dependency’ – brian weiss.


and so in any relationship, there is no dependency- it is alright if they forget you a while, or are busy, or…anything, because if you think the relationship is really worth it, let go and love. love needlessly, selflessly, unconditionally, patiently. because love doesn’t count. it’s just insane happiness for being found, it’s without expectations, it’s all-flowing and it’s having faith in those you love.

in the end, it’s being happy for them, even if you are not part of that equation. to love is to let go. 



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