1. “I know my soul has lived on other planets and different dimensions because every time I look at the stars and the lights and the universe, I can feel the pressure of my bones trying to explode into a million pieces of stardust.. so that I can recreate myself into a planet that will rotate around the warmth and love of a sun.
      I know I have lived in other solar systems, because in my dreams I can …transform into elements and manifest my destinies.. 

    Every time I breathe in the diamonds of the night, I can feel an intergalactic ecstasy that connects me to a higher force which controls more than just the mere rotation of a solar system, and more than the mysteries of a black hole or it’s whereabouts.. There’s something about the universe that my soul longs to live..
    It outstretches my whole being into a vast collection of something larger than feelings and more than vibrations..

    Because of this, I know home is something much bigger than a small wooden structure we call a house..
    I belong with the stars, floating amongst the vast space and cyclical rotations of beautiful planets and the quiet of darkness and all that inhabits the reflecting light of the sun.”

    ~ Will Schnoor Jr.


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