would you laugh at me if i told you

that in you, i have built a thousand shrines,

that a thousand winds couldn’t blow out this flame

i have for you. that, i wake up, dreaming of you for

so many nights, that the line between reality and dreams

has become so thin,


 i look around, hoping to catch you in a crowd,

no matter the impossibility.


that sometimes, your absence shoots through me

and leaves strange confusing terrains behind:


i miss you in a thousand ways

even i do not understand the reason why something is me

seems to be dying when you aren’t here,

as if something was plucked out of me, as if this separation,

this ending, has happened so many times ages and ages before,

that the old wound bleeds again


i find myself tired of people and ordinary conversations,

tired of all this walk and all this drudgery,

i yearn to fall back into a lifetime with you

where words become unnecessary, where you and i

have no endings or beginnings,


i yearn to be someplace with you that requires no effort,

a place of solace and quiet, where goodbyes cease to exist.


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