you come close and disappear.

why do you steal away these sighs; look,

even the air is giddy with your scent. your eyes have

left beautiful trails that lead me nowhere and everywhere

all at once. i hesitate;


what have i become with you next to me.

these roads are strange now. everything seems blessed

in your presence. even the skies seem to be livelier. you

and i part many times, each heartbreak of each of our lives

are imprinted somewhere my old love,


but this time, this time, this heart knows not to yield;

the fragnance of you, imaginings of you lead me to beautiful

places, yet this heart refuses to be yours. i shake away thoughts

of you that fill me, and topple me, unbalanced like a claypot

filled to the brim.



you are the universe in me. all of astrology couldn’t explain you

to this wild heart of mine. i wake with you; tell me there is a remedy

for this heartbreak, this forsaken soul of mine.


i couldn’t lose you again like this, i have no strength to comprehend

the vastness and the beauty of the universe you’ve built inside me.

i can’t find the language to tell you that we live inside each other,

that a love like this is what i’ve been searching for in all of eternity


and if you asked why i won’t ever take a chance-

because you have the power to break me into a mess, that you have

claim to every region of my soul. i cannot be yours

because i am already yours.


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