you are.

i think though everyone wants their own fairy tale and happily-ever-after, they are afraid of true love. they say true love is the most powerful thing in the world. it transcends realms. we seek comfort in another being, some company to get us through the day, someone who sees some dash of beauty in us that we do not see ourselves. we want things from the other person. maybe we settle out of fear, fear that we aren’t and will never be lucky enough to find true love. or that we don’t deserve it. so maybe slowly we just learn to love this person we choose but i think some days, you wonder what all these poets wrote about, what the meaning of these wonderful breathtaking poetry that you stumble upon, mean. maybe one day you are washing the dishes and you wonder what he – your soulmate, the one you were meant for- is doing, where he is..who he is. 


true love, i think, needs patience. patience to wait for him, patience to be the kind of girl who grows up to be a woman who no longer needs love, but rather, who gives love..true love takes time. it requires faith in someone you have yet to meet- this stranger who must wonder about you sometimes too-, you need faith in the universe, in things like destiny and coincidences and in love- forces that you can’t see yet. 


maybe when you think you have found him, you lose him just like that. maybe though, that’s what you need. within these lonely spaces of time, you need to have faith in him, faith that if two people are meant to be, they will find a way. the universe will conspire to make that happen. you need this time to realize you are choosing him out of pure unbound love and not loneliness, not sadness or impatience. you have to realize it will be the kind of love that makes all the bad days somehow disappear, that ind of love that makes all the poetry make sense.

and maybe it is.

it is.


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