a dash of hope and faith..<3.

it’s true, people are right. i have crazy notions of romantic ideas in my head. one minute, i want to lock eyes with a stranger on the wrong train and end up lost somewhere, another minute i want to bump into him at a bookshop, sometimes i don’t want to meet him at all but just fall in love with his words or his voice or his laugh

it’s true too that i have way too many aspirations than a normal person should not have and maybe having too much faith is a bad thing because chances are , you do get horribly disappointed. like the other day, i willed the tap to switch on itself and in my just-woken-up-blurry state of mind, anything seemed possible so there i was staring at the tap to turn itself on having complete and utter belief that it would until it finally dawned on me that it was one of the weirdest and quite possibly, the dumbest, things i had done this month. So anyways- that’s the funny thing about love too. All this waiting for that ‘perfect’ guy..having complete faith that when we meet, we would fall so madly and deliriously in love that my entire world would fall into place and i would find a fairytale love in him. something that makes me better than i am, that believes in me, that knows me so intimately that in one glance, we have told each other a million secrets.

the kind of love that is tipsy, that makes you grin when you are alone on the train.

i don’t know where this faith is coming from and if it is just going to be as useless as waiting for the tap to turn itself on at 3am in the morning..but i want to give it a chance. i want love- or nothing. i want a relationship that is full of love and promise and friendship and a thousand million little things that make it so perfect- not one i choose out of loneliness or fear that i’d never end up with anyone. 

the thing is, the latter makes your life a lot more miserable in the long run. but true love- that’s worth waiting for and having complete faith in. because if two people are meant to be, they will always, always, find a way.



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