how  can i compare to all the girls you must know. there are more beautiful, more perfect girls out there. i have my set of flaws, i love them, they make me me, but i can’t help wondering that out of all that perfection  and beauty, why would i ever stand out. i miss you. i miss you so terribly; and even in the middle of a crowd, even after coming back home from a party, even after a kiss, even after knowing that there are others who have sworn their love by me, it is you, always you, dearest, that my heart longs for, yearns for, returns to.. it is you. i feel like i have always chosen you, lifetime and lifetime after, that a love as incredible as what i feel for you must span centuries, oceans and lifetimes. sometimes, i wish you sat next to me so i could just turn around and make a joke, so we could laugh together. i love your laugh. it fills this empty room. you are changing my life. i don’t know what else to do but love you. i am falling for you stranger. 


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