love isn’t enough.

tell me, is love ever enough?

what are promises without commitments. what are whispers in the dark without a hand that holds you when you are blind. what are those shy glances, those smiles, the exhilaration of a kiss- only smoke signals promising nothing. you could love someone but never be blinded in such intoxication. he isn’t here to stay.

no, this isn’t me destroying your fairy tale. or asking you to wake up. this is me telling you that you are worthy too. and you are worthy of more than being settled, much more than comfort. find someone who loves you and stays. who never makes you question where you stand with him.


someone who loves you without inhibitions or fears.

because one thing that love makes us, is fearless and courageous. and in all this bravery, do not forget all the love you have forged for yourself. do not let yourself be a second choice, be someone he has to think about, do not be an option. you are more than that. always remember your worth.


because love will come and go, there will be others, but your self-respect, your worth- that’s there to stay. no one should make you sacrifice your values, no one should make you believe you are less than wonderful, and you should never ever let anyone treat you that way. it’s not love anymore is it, then.

go, run, unfold your own myth.

this is your story too.




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