to love someone.

when you’ve loved tigers and sharks and wasps long enough

it’s hard to believe there are people who want to do right by you

you start reading braille and learning hand signs and foreign languages

because when you’ve heard more lies than truth, even his soft words

make you want to carve out a little space inside yourself and

decipher if it could ever be true.

you start stopping at traffic signls when they say go.

you leave behind words and explanations at the door.

you wait for the bite, the blinding pain, you wonder when it’ll strike.

you keep counting every second of laughter because- when will it end.

you live within fears.

and then one day you realize: snakes and tigers and wasps

have never killed you.  and you realize that you will always be okay

in the end; that no man could ever make you feel belittled and small

and hurt without your consent, and with time.

you realize too that sometimes the hand that promises would love you

means it.

you know that because in the middle of the night they still reach for you

and draw you in close. they fill the gaps. they hold you at your best and

at your worst and they tell you that fairytales sometimes do have happy endings

and you believe them.


i think one of the loveliest things waiting

i think one of the loveliest things waiting for love (real gut-wrenching, soul-altering, let’s-run-off-and-get-married-right-NOW! type of love) is that though you oftentimes do get lonely and find yourself wondering how so easy would it be to strike up a conversation with that guy in the elevator or give your number, it is in that loneliness that you find that you are pretty jolly good company (definitely better than a boring guy..!) and plus, you realise that you don’t give up your principles after all. you learn to trust yourself and the universe- you learn to have faith that you will stumble upon him. you build up patience.

and most of all, you begin to stop chasing after people and build up a beautiful existence, so that when you do find love, you are loved for all of you, your perfections and your flaws and your quirks..<3.